Emad A. Neqresh

Chief Commercial officer

Emad Neqresh is the Chief Commercial officer in Derayah as he is responsible for all commercial aspects, services and technology infrastructure in Derayah. His responsibility is to manage business operations in terms of managing, planning and building strategies for the commercial team. One of his main roles is following-up on the annual targets and objectives of the company and making sure they are achieved. Neqresh oversees the services provided to Derayah’s clients to make sure that they receive the best service and to meet their expectations. Also, Neqresh works on managing the marketing activities and the marketing campaigns in order to increase awareness about all products offered by Derayah. Furthermore, he manages and overlooks the infrastructure team who are responsible of building and maintaining protection systems and technical procedures. Emad has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of project management, processes, quality and IT Infrastructure. Prior to Derayah, Emad held several leadership positions at Arab National Bank, one of the Arab world’s largest banks, where he was responsible for managing the bank’s infrastructure and operations. Prior to that, he was head of IT services for one of Jordan's leading universities. Emad holds a bachelor's degree in Electric Engineering and communications from the Jordan University of Science and Technology.