About us

Derayah is a closed joint stock investment company, registered in Riyadh under the Commercial Register No. 1010266977 dated 04/05/1430 H, Derayah was licensed in 06/19/1429 H corresponding to 06/23/2008 by the Saudi Capital Market Authority “CMA”. Derayah started its practice in 08/07/1430 H corresponding to 06/01/2009, with a capital of 161,090,130 Saudi riyals.

Derayah Financial, P.B: 286546, Riyadh 11323, Saudi Arabia , Licensed by the Capital Market Authority 08109 – 27

Our Values


For our clients, our family members, our stackholders and our community


In how we deliver our services , how we treat our clients and how we treat each other


In our products, services and solutions

Our Motto

Expect More

Story of Derayah

One day, a founding member of Derayah met with an ordinary investor who complained to him about his painful investment experiences. The investor was most impressed by the fact that he followed the “expert advice of investors” and invested in a professionally managed fund. He paid close attention and diversified his investments not only through different funds but also through different banks, yet he lost more than 50% of his savings as the market fell. After further research and investigation, the founding member of Derayah discovered that although this investor was well-intentioned and had a great deal of effort to diversify his investments in an attempt to reduce the risks, he did not know to participate in different funds in different banks, but they all invest in the same Market (Saudi Stock Exchange). The lack of information, independent advice, and lack of coordination between different views have lost all efforts of this poor investor in vain. The main problem with this investor, and in the case of many like him, is the low level of advice available, and the sales people who focus on selling their investment products rather than providing good investment advice to their clients, creating a conflict of interest. This mixture leads to the loss of many savings of individual investors and leaves them away from their desired investment goals. At this point, members of Derayah realized that investors deserve better solutions (and they can easily get them). Hence Derayah’s goal

Derayah’s Licensed Activities:

  • Providing investment advice
  • Sell Investment products offered by other companies.
  • Develop and manage innovated investment solutions in different investment categories.
  • Dealing on behalf of clients on an individual and group basis.
  • Provide services for foreign shareholders to invest in Saudi shares
  • Provide share trading services in different markets through a single website and account.