We are looking for dynamic, highly energized risk-takers who are ready to join a fast-paced, new start up financial services industry. We offer various open positions throughout business in Customer Service, Information Technology, Network Engineering, Web Development, Marketing, Investment, Product Development, Business Development, Finance and accounting, and Human Resources. If you become a part of Derayah, you will have the satisfaction of joining an aggressive start-up business with a dynamic, young and entrepreneurial culture. More importantly, you will have the chance to shape and build the next great financial brand in the region and to provide a much needed service to individual investors who would appreciate customer-focused service.

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10 Reasons to Join Derayah

How many businesses have a goal of maximizing shareholder value? (too many is the answer) While maximizing shareholder value is a very real target, it is scarcely the rallying cry that gets people excited. This is why Derayah came into being not just to create shareholder value, but to create a difference by “Empowering the individual to take control of their financial destiny”. We believe that this novel idea can help countless investors and eventually lead to shareholder value on the way.

Talent is the first screener when we ask ourselves “Who’s the best to do this job?” unlike other companies that screen by age or years of experience. In Derayah, we believe that potential, ambition and initiative should be of the utmost importance in assigning responsibilities. Derayah’s evaluation system highlights competencies that range from leadership to time management, but it does not include age or previous experience as evaluation criteria.

With extra responsibility comes the potential for extraordinary rewards. The main element of which is the opportunity to work in an environment where you are not only an employee but a future owner. This is a result of Derayah’s innovative Employee Share Ownership Plan, which grants equity on a periodic basis to team members depending on their responsibility and evaluation process.

Our working environment was designed to reflect our philosophy of a flat, connected and meritocratic team culture. This is why we do not isolate team members from each other by offices or doors, but instead all work in a single unified team space. This is also why we do not include titles in any of stationary or business cards.

Working in a start-up is a big challenge, it’s not an easy job, with a very fast pace and often with a high degree of uncertainty. This is why everyone at Derayah (whether recent graduate or experienced hire) goes through an extraordinary learning curve from the time they join. Whether it’s through participating in Derayah’s extensive internal training program, or working on completing projects, or even looking for and highlighting new opportunities. Everyone is doing everything all the time. This is why all team members are also responsible for circulating and disseminating their knowledge to others and are encouraged to take full responsibility for managing and often changing their priorities.

We hate to work mindlessly on recurring, machine-like tasks, and we believe most people do as well. This is why our emphasis is not just on carrying out instructions, but on creating new instructions by continuously generating new ideas and translating them into reality. It is of course more demanding than just carrying out pre-defined work, but is also infinitely more rewarding. This is why we encourage everyone to always ask “How can I make this better?” and “How can I make people’s life easier?” and we fully empower everyone to follow through on the answers to these questions.

Derayah’s team spends a lot of time together (some say more than we should). This is why it is even more important that we are not just productive, but that we also enjoy our time. We believe that FUN and PRODUCTIVE are not opposites, but are two sides to the same coin. Some of our best ideas (and probably yours as well) are generated when we are most relaxed. This is why we put as much emphasis on leisure as we do on work.

How many companies have you been to that look and feel like every other company? The sad answer is too many. This is because most employees move around from one company to another, so that all companies tend be a mere cocktail of different staff from different companies. This often gives the company a bland and undistinguishable culture. At Derayah we focus on creating a truly unique entity, with an equally unique culture. This means that we focus less on recruiting from outside and more on recruiting younger team members and investing in developing them. The results of this effort is more unique and cohesive team environment with several benefits: » 30% of the team has worked at Derayah since graduation. » The average age at Derayah is 26, making it a very energetic environment. » The degree of shared vision and culture among the various team members is very high.

With the Analyst rotation program, Derayah rotates its fresh analysts periodically into different teams and projects. By that, we make sure new team members are better rounded professionals and are exposed to all different areas of Derayah and acquire the big picture in addition to the eventual details of a single responsibility or function.

That’s who we are!