Trading with Derayah

Derayah offers state-of-the-art systems that bring to you all markets under one roof, while active traders have access to quality margin facility services.

    Derayah Platforms

    Swift State of-the-art Systems

    Each button and function has been designed to save both time and effort for the active trader.

    Advanced Trading In Different Markets

    You don’t need to sign separate agreements or manage multiple accounts. You can simply trade from a single account with the same purchasing power as if you were trading on a single market.

    The Most Competitive Fees Without Rival

    Traders pay the most competitive trading fees/commissions without rival

    Advanced Reporting

    Showing the profit and loss of all closed positions.

    Margin Facilities

    Active traders can obtain margin trading facilities to double their purchasing power

    Outstanding Service Guarantee Or Don’t Pay us!

    If a client provides an independent and genuine written price offer from a company licensed in Saudi Arabia that is lower than that offered by Derayah, Derayah shall compensates the client with difference between the commissions paid and the offer received for activities in the week preceding the presentation of the offer.

    Four Types of Order Validity

    Derayah Global platform allows the clients to select one of four types of order validity to give the active trader the ability to control the validity of his orders.

    Instant Trading

    The Derayah Global Platform provides our clients with access to real-time trading in the following international markets and securities with the ability to transfer purchasing power to the currency of the destination of the trade

    Best Prices

    Client orders may be executed at the best available prices in multiple international exchanges on which the subject security is traded.

    Eight Types of Orders

    Derayah Global platform gives our clients the ability to submit eight different types of orders, thereby allowing active traders more flexibility.

    Lowest Commissions

    Lowest Commissions in the market

    Live Prices

    The Derayah Global platform provides live prices of stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), and options at low monthly fees.

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    Available Markets

    Saudi Stock Exchange (TASI)
    Saudi Stock Exchange (Nomu)
    Single Stock Options
    Sukuk \ Bonds
    Single Stock Futures Contracts
    MT30 Index Futures Contracts
    Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange
    Dubai Financial Market
    Nasdaq Duba
    The Egyptian Exchange
    Bahrain Bourse
    Muscat Securities Market
    Qatar Stock Exchange
    New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
    NASDAQ Exchange (NASDAQ)
    New York Stock Exchange MKT (NYSE MKT)
    Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
    Chi-X Australia
    Vienna Stock Exchange (VSE)
    Euronext Brussels (BELFOX)
    Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE)
    TSX Venture Exchange
    Montreal Exchange (CDE)
    Euronext France (SBF)
    Euronext France (MONEP)
    Frankfurt Stock Exchange (XFRA)
    Stuttgart Stock Exchange (XSTU)
    Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE)
    Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK)
    Borsa Italiana (BVME)
    Osaka Exchange (OSE.JPN)
    Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSEJ)
    Mexican Stock Exchange (MEXI)
    Euronext NL Stocks (AEB)
    Euronext NL Derivatives (FTA)
    Singapore Exchange (SGX)
    Bolsa de Madrid (BM)
    Spanish Futures Exchange (MEFF)
    SIX Swiss Exchange (EBS)
    London Stock Exchange (LSE)
    London Stock Exchange (LSE)
    LSE ETF Exchange