Derayah Smart

Derayah Smart is an automated investment advisory platform that provides comprehensive investment solutions to clients. Clients start the process by filling a short risk assessment questionnaire. Derayah Smart analyzes the answers to propose a suitable, globally diversified, and multi-assets strategy that is managed by investment specialists.
Derayah Smart utilizes advanced technology to provide institutional-level quality to retail investors. Investment experts will assess and select investment managers, negotiate fees on behalf of clients, and monitor fund managers to ensure continuous quality.

    Features and Benefits

    Derayah Smart Advisors’ always strives to achieve your investment goals

    • Diversified solutions that are multi-assets and global
    • Professional management by a specialized investment advisor
    • Derayah Smart’s costs are low and we always seek to reduce them further

    Derayah Smart strives to make your investment journey simple and easy

    • Your precious time is important to us; that is why Derayah Smart’s processes are fully electronic.
    • Derayah Customer Support Team is always ready to help you and answer your inquiries.

    Derayah Smart is aware of your different needs and goals

    • Derayah Smart allows you to open more than one account to separate your investments or invest in different strategies.
    • All Derayah Smart strategies invest in Shariah-compliant assets.