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About Derayah

Derayah is Arabic for knowledge. It represents the key element that we believe to be afflicting retail investors “lack of knowledge”.
And that’s the reason for which our venture was established; “To empower the individual investor with the freedom to choose his or her investment easily and intelligently”.

Derayah is a financial brokerage company that provides trading services in the Gulf and global stock markets. Derayah also offers subscriptions in investment funds as well as managing private portfolios.

Derayah is a closed joint stock investment company, registered in Riyadh under the Commercial Register No. 1010266977 dated 04/05/1430 AH, Derayah was licensed in 06/19/1429 AH corresponding to 06/23/2008 by the Saudi Capital Market Authority “CMA”. Derayah started its practice in 08/07/1430 AH corresponding to 06/01/2009, with a capital of 161,090,130 Saudi riyals.

This information is available on the Capital Market Authority’s page:

Inside Saudi Arabia: 920024433

International: 00966920024433

Fax: 0112998071


Sunday: from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Monday through Thursday: 9 AM to 12 midnight.

Friday: from 5 PM to 12 midnight.

Saturday: Day off.

Trading Services

Registering with Derayah can be done online within minutes, with absolute no need to go to the branch nor to provide any paper documents. Derayah is recognized as the first independent brokerage company to provide such a service. All you need is to register through our website and document your information through “ Saudi National Digital Identity Management portal”. Here’s the registration link:

During registration, you will create a username and a password that you will use to login to your portfolio.

Yes, of course! You can also do it through your email.

This is an alternative way to SMS verification. You can choose to receive your verification code through your email.

Yes, they can.

Of course! Your account manager will be assigned as soon as you register. He or she will be at your service for financial advice or for explaining our services.

Sunday: from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Monday through Thursday: 9 AM to 12 midnight.

Friday: from 5 PM to 12 midnight.

Saturday: Day off.

After activating your account, you will receive an SMS with all the details of your Derayah account. You will also get an IBAN number for your Arab National Bank portfolio. You can transfer money to your portfolio through a bank transfer from any other bank account.

You can easily transfer money to your account “which is linked in your portfolio” with no fees.

Absolutely! You can link all of your bank accounts to your Derayah’s portfolio. To request that, you can contact our customer service on 920024433.

You can transfer money from my portfolio at any time, taking in consideration the settlement periods T + 2.

The settlement of securities refers to the process of transferring securities from a seller’s portfolio to a buyer’s portfolio, whereas cash settlements refer to the process of transferring the value of securities for executed transactions from the buyer’s investment account to the seller’s investment account, through the exchange’s members. For further reading, please visit Tadawul website on:

Absolutely not! At “Derayah platform” we are offering a future transfer service, which you can use to hold the transferred amount as “under settlement”.  This amount will be transferred after the settlement. Then, you can trade other amounts freely, and you do not have to wait for the settlement to take place.

Derayah provides about 22 Gulf, regional and global markets.

Yes! You can open as many sub-portfolios (branched from your main portfolio) as you need to. You can access them with the same login information as in your main portfolio. This can be done through contacting our customer services, and the new sub-portfolio will be ready for trading within an hour or two.

Derayah offers two trading platforms: “Derayah Platform” and “Derayah Global”.

Saudi Market

Saudi Stock Exchange (TASI)

Saudi Stock Exchange (Nomu)

Sukuk \ Bonds


Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange

Dubai Financial Market

Nasdaq Dubai

The Egyptian Exchange

Bahrain Bourse

Muscat Securities Market


You can easily trade in these markets via Derayah platform and on the same window, with no need to switch accounts, platforms or whatsoever.

You can instantly activate any of the markets by choosing it.

No, this feature is free.

This action is not necessary for most of the markets. Derayah platform allows you to use the currencies of other markets with no need to do any conversion. In this case, the compensation has to take place at the end of the day. For the markets that do not have this feature, you can easily make a currency conversion online.

Yes! Derayah provides you with the real time prices for the Saudi, Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets. Also, you can trade in all the available markets through the same platform, with no need to navigate pages.

All your stock dividends of all markets will be deposited to your portfolio.

Yes, you can trade sukuk and bonds through Derayah platform.

In the following link, you will find details about all the trading fees of markets available in Derayah platform.

Of course! You can watch it through the following link:


“Derayah Global” is a trading platform for global markets.

You can find more information about the commission for trading through “Derayah Global” in the following link:

You can log into your account and choose “Derayah Global” then, you can register for this service online.

1- The user must be at least 21 years old.

2- Driver’s license or passport.

3-Minimum experience and degree of risk tolerance.

Your “Derayah Global” account will be activated within three working days

No! There is no minimum amount, and you can start trading with any amount.

Several packages are available for “Derayah Global”. Fees vary depending on the package type. The main package fees -which is commonly used- are $ 14.5 per month.

The process of transferring money to “Derayah Global” is simple, and you can do it online. After logging into your account, you need to convert the currency from riyal to US dollar, then convert from dollar to “Derayah Global” from the “transfer” option in Derayah platform.

No, it’s free.

Yes, you can trade via the “Derayah Global” in Arabic.

  1. The platform through the computer.
  2. The application through smart phones.
  3. The brokerage phone 920024433.

These services -among others- are exclusively for “Derayah Global Plus” clients.

Some features and products are available only for “Derayah Global Plus” clients.

For more information, please check the link below

You can do this by contacting your account manager or the customer service. “An agreement should be signed for this upgrade”

It takes place within 3 to 4 working days.


Yes. The balance of “Derayah Global” has to be at least $ 2000 to be upgraded to “Derayah Global Plus”.

No. There will be no changes at all. All the additional services of “Derayah Global Plus” will be added on the same platform upon the upgrade.

You can find all the commission details in the following link:

Products and Services


The minimum amount for portfolio management is 5 million riyals.

“Derayah platform” provides the ability to subscribe and redeem in more than 70 diversified investment funds in terms of fund manager, fund type, performance and degree of risk, and all the details of those funds are available in “Derayah platform”. In addition to that, the platform provides a service to make comparisons between those funds in order to help you taking the appropriate investment decision. All of these services are available online with no need for paper documents or visiting the branch.

There are many services available through “Daraya” platform, including:

  • Derayah TickerChart.
  • Derayah Insight.
  • Argaam Derayah.
  • Derayah chat.


  • Can I learn more about the services above?

Of course.


  • Derayah TickerChart:

This service enables users of the price provider program “TickerChart” to link their accounts in Derayah with “TickerChart”. The investor then, can trade through the “TickerChart” program without the need to login with his or her account in “Derayah platform”. This service is free of charge.


  • Derayah Insight:

This service aims at giving the investor information about a large number of securities and basic and technical analysis of them. Also, it gives information about their compatibility with the legal controls in the Saudi, the Gulf, and American markets. In the following link, you will find more details about this service

Note that this service is free for the first two months, then the fee is going to be about 150 riyals per month.


  • Argaam Derayah:

This service was done in partnership with the economic website “Argaam”. Argaam website is one of the largest economic sites in the Middle East. The service aims at providing the “Arqaam Plus” service, which provides a large base of information and various investment data that helps investors in making their investment decisions. This service costs 625 riyals per month.


  • Derayah chat:

It provides many services through the “instant chat” in Derayah platform. In Derayah chat, you can transfer, update data and view reports in addition to other services. This service is free and available once you log in to your account.

You can subscribe to these services online through Derayah platform. You do not need to sign any paper documents or visit the branch.

Absolutely! You can get margin through Derayah platform. However, it is exclusively for trading in the Saudi market.

Derayah offers three different types of margin to trade in the Saudi market, they are:

  • Free margin
  • Murabaha margin (Available online).
  • Free margin (trading) (Available online).

In the following link, you will find details on the types of financing available for trading in the Saudi market.

Yes, it is.

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