Emad A. Neqresh

Chief Commercial officer

Mr. Emad Neqresh is the Chief Commercial Officer at Derayah and is one of Derayah’s first members since its establishment. He oversees the management of all commercial transactions in term of planning, supervision and strategies for the Commercial teams, execution of annual targets and overseeing quality and fulfillment of clients’ needs. Mr. Emad also supervises marketing campaigns to keep clients updated on all developments in Derayah. The infrastructure team and technology operations and all commercial aspects in Derayah also fall under his leadership. He also manages the customer service team to ensure client satisfaction. Mr. Emad has over 26 years of experience in the field of project management, rules, procedures, quality management, client relations, and information technology. Before joining Derayah, he held a number of leading positions in the Arab Bank, one of the biggest banks in the Arab world; where he led the infrastructure and technology operations of the bank. Prior to this role, he was a technical officer in one of the leading universities in Jordan. Mr. Emad holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering; with a specialization in telecommunications and information technology from the University of Science and Technology in Jordan. Mr. Emad has 12 years of work experience with Derayah.