Derayah GCC Growth and Income Equity Fund

Derayah GCC Growth and Income Equity Fund

Open End - Public Fund | Saudi Riyal

The fund aims for capital appreciation in the long term and to distribute dividends periodically by investing mainly in the securities of companies listed on the Saudi stock market and in the remaining GCC stock markets, including IPOs and secondary offerings, listed tradable rights, REITs, and ETFs and shares of companies listed on the parallel market. The fund also aims to invest in fixed income instruments such as: Sukuk and money market instruments locally, in the GCC, and internationally

Min. Amount for Subscription
SAR 100
Thursday and Monday
Degree of Risk
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Most Important Features

  • Participating in the performance of the stock market while earning periodic dividends
  • Investment opportunity in a low interest rate environment
  • High liquidity of the fund's investments.
  • Distribution of semi-annual profits to investors.
  • Blending the growth with the income distribution of the securities leads to an improvement in the level of risk adjusted return

Fund Specifications


Management Fees

of the Fund’s Net Assets Value annually


Subscription Fees

Maximum and to be paid in advance once only


Unit price at offering



Redemption Fees

Derayah GCC Growth and Income Equity Fund

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